Spring Forward

This is the time of year that we begin to notice that the days are getting longer. The sun is up higher in the sky and we start to see things we may have missed during the dreary winter months. I recently glanced up at the corner ceiling and noticed the return of the cobweb. I was actually happy to see this annual spring visitor returning; ANYTHING that signals the end of winter is a welcome sight!

Now is the time I begin to make a list of outdoor projects.  My annual spring to do list usually starts with “no spend or very little spend” items. Projects that don’t require lots of dollars can make a huge difference on the appearance and function of your home’s exterior.

Spring To-Do List:

  • Clean out the garage (before you go out and repurchase things you already own)
  • Wash the windows (nothing lets in more sunlight than clean shiny windows)
  • Wash the patio furniture (setting it back outside again will put a smile on your face)
  • Hose off the front porch (playing with water is always a fun thing)
  • Clean out the flowerbeds (get ready for the flowers before you bring them home)
  • Clean out the gutters (make sure they are in good repair and ready for spring rains)

Most of us don’t enjoy cleaning out the gutters. It’s a hassle getting out the ladder and for someone who dislikes heights it’s a scary job. Three years ago I had Alloy Gutter Company put leaf protection on my gutters. I only wish I had done this sooner. I took this job off my list when Alloy Gutter Company came out and cleaned my gutters, inspected them and installed leaf protection. Let Alloy Gutter Company shorten your list…for a price that is far less than most people think…get off that ladder and enjoy the sunshine with both feet on the ground!

It’s All About That Pitch – Not Level

On rare occasions, someone with “eagle eyes” notices that their gutters are not perfectly level. They tell us that their gutters were hung with a slight incline and ask to have the problem corrected.  They are not aware that gutters are pitched for a reason. Alloy Gutter Company wants you to be happy with the aesthetics of your gutters but the most important thing is how well the gutters function.

Gutters are meant to drain water away from your home’s foundation. In order for this to happen, the water has to flow toward the outlet hole and then flow down into the downspout. For proper drainage the gutters need to be pitched correctly.

Make sure you call the gutter experts to get the job done right. Alloy Gutter has over thirty five years of experience installing gutters. We will make sure your gutters are installed with just the right amount of pitch – not level.

Does My House Need Gutters?

Occasionally, I get a phone call asking if all houses need gutters.  If a house has never had gutters are they really necessary?  How come the builder didn’t include gutters when the house was built? These inquiries are usually from someone contemplating the purchase of a home that has no gutters. The answer to their question is, “Alloy Gutter Company recommends that all homes have a properly functioning gutter system.”

Gutters are a necessity for several reasons:

  • They discharge water away from the home’s foundation walls. Without proper drainage, the home’s foundation will be exposed to all the water runoff from the roof. Nobody wants a wet basement.
  • On homes that have a wide roof overhang, many people feel that gutters are not necessary because the roof water runoff is away from the foundation. However, when it rains it creates a waterfall effect along the roofline. Nobody wants a waterfall on their porch when leaving or entering their house during rainy weather.
  • Without gutters your foundation plantings take a beating. The waterfall effect will erode the soil and create a muddy mess.

How come the house never had gutters? Most likely it was simply a way to cut costs. However, why risk a wet/musty basement, a waterfall on your porch and damaged landscaping? Give Alloy Gutter Company a call and we will provide you with a quote for new gutters. Often, for less money than you think.  As a bonus, once we install your new gutter system, all of your showers will now be taken inside the house!

Searching for Gargoyles?

Water management has been important throughout history, it was essential for building maintenance and sanitation. Water drainage is even a part of Roman mythology. Cloacina is the goddess of the sewers. She dates back to 47 AD, at that time the Romans first introduced drains to Britain. Few people are familiar with how rain gutters have evolved.

This timeline shows the evolution of today’s gutter system:

  • 1066: English towns and churches are being rebuilt after the Norman invasion. Gutters on churches are constructed with gargoyles.
  • 1240: The Tower of London has a downpipe erected to protect the whitewashed walls.
  • Middle Ages: Drainage disputes become one of the most frequent cases heard by authorities.
  • 1539: The start of the appearance of rainwater goods on grand houses. Cisterns and hopper heads are crafted from lead.
  • 1709: Cast iron replaces lead for rainwater goods.
  • 1939 – 1945: Plastic replaces cast iron for gutters and downspouts.
  • 1960’s: A seamless gutter machine is invented and aluminum is now used for gutters.

It’s interesting to look back and see how far we have progressed but I appreciate that we are now way beyond the time of the gargoyles! Occasionally, we get calls asking if Alloy Gutter Company makes aluminum seamless gutters. All of our gutters are both aluminum and seamless.

If you are looking for a gutter company who can offer you the best in today’s materials and installation give Alloy Gutter Company a call. If you are looking for gargoyles, check out the old churches in England!

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