A Little More About Ice Dams….

ice-dam-fig01 ice-dam-fig02
What Causes Ice Dams:

(1)    Areas with heat loss (as pictured on the roof of this home) cause snow to thaw, and then that snow will drain to lower areas where there isn’t heat loss – such as

(2)    Over hangs, gutters, and shaded areas that are still frozen. Since these areas are still frozen, there is nowhere for the water to drain, which is what causes ice dams – as well as overflowing gutters and

(3)     Icicles. Oftentimes, roofs can be clear of snow and it will look like gutters are also clear of snow, but really there is still ice in the gutters and downspouts

(4)    Which does not allow the gutters and downspouts to drain properly if there is an additional precipitation. Therefore, gutters will continue to overflow.

We are experiencing a “perfect storm” situation this winter regarding ice dams.

  1. A lot of snow
  2. Cold temperatures
  3. Quick rise in temperature causing a sudden thaw
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