HELP…My Basement is Leaking!

“My basement is leaking and I need someone to come out right away and fix my gutters.”  We occasionally get phone calls that start with these words. The following is a list of questions we will ask you to determine if your gutters are the problem or if it may be something else:

  • Are your gutters clean or do you have a waterfall coming from your gutters when it rains?
  • Are you sure the downspouts are not clogged and water is flowing from them during heavy rainfall?
  • Do all the downspouts have at least 3’ extensions?
  • Are the gutters leaking?
  • Are the gutters free of standing water/correctly pitched?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you don’t have a gutter problem.  You will need to contact a company that specializes in basement leaks. However, once your basement is dry again, the staff at Alloy Gutter Company wants to help you keep your gutter system operating properly. Make sure to call Alloy for any gutter cleaning or repair work you may need in the future.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Word

We occasionally get a phone call that starts with the caller describing an unusual situation. They want to make us aware of a specific problem area. Because it’s important for us to have a clear understanding of what you are describing, it’s very helpful if you can send us a photo.  Just email it to us at

The office staff at Alloy Gutter Company is constantly monitoring our email account so that we can update information that is needed for jobs and quotes. Our experienced staff will take a look at the photo and get back to you promptly. In most cases, the unusual situation turns out to be something we have dealt with many times.

After over thirty five years in business, Alloy Gutter Company has the experience to troubleshoot any special needs. Give us a call, send us your pictures and we will make your gutter troubles a thing of the past!

Help With Downspout Placement

We frequently get calls from contractors and homeowners concerned about where the downspouts should go. Most have experienced a problem with drainage. Alloy Gutter Company will be happy to meet with you to discuss your best options for downspout placement.

Keep in mind that the primary function of a downspout is to discharge water away from a home’s foundation.  Also, it is best to avoid discharging water on to a driveway or sidewalk.  Nobody wants an ice rink on the concrete during the winter months.

Because every property is unique, Alloy Gutter Company will advise you of what will work best for your home. Of course, the final choice is always up to you. Give Alloy a call and let a company with over thirty five years of experience help you to make the best choice.

Getting Crafty With Gutters

I’m always amazed by all the artsy/creative people out in the blogosphere. They never seem to run out of great ideas. They take the most unlikely objects and turn them into useful things for the home. Recently I went on Pinterest and searched “gutters;” I found gutter projects that are both doable and usable.

Many versions of outdoor planters are shown. Most of these gutter planters are attached to fences or hanging from chains. Herbs seem to be the most widely used plants. Typically, gutters hold rainwater but these now have drainage holes for the plants.

Another idea is to use gutters indoors as bookshelves. The photos often show them in children’s rooms. They can be cut to any length to create custom shelving units.

Can you think of any new uses for gutters? Here at Alloy Gutter Company we are sticking with what we do best; protecting your home’s exterior from moisture damage. However, you if come up with a crafty gutter idea, let us know and Alloy would be happy to share it on this blog!

Do I Need Downspout Extensions?

The primary job of a gutter system is to divert water away from a building’s foundation. The parts of a gutter system include gutters, downspouts and downspout extensions. Many times, people call with the following questions about downspout extensions:

  • What is that pipe sticking out of my downspout and what is it for? It’s an extension and it is used to keep the water away from your foundation.
  • Does it need to be so long? A typical extension is 3’ long; 3’ is the recommended length for water discharge. Occasionally, there are special circumstances that warrant longer extensions.
  • Why are there nails in my extensions? Your extensions need to be removable so that you can mow the lawn in the discharge area. They are often held in place with a roofer’s nail.
  • Are there any extension options? Flip up extensions are available for a nominal charge.

If you have any extension questions give Alloy Gutter Company a call. We will be happy to address any question or concerns you have about your gutter system.

Sealing up the Crocks

If you own an older home, you may notice small circular concrete things sticking up a few inches above ground level. They are close to the home’s foundation.  What are these mystery things?  What was their purpose? Why don’t we see them on newer houses?

These mystery things are called crocks. They did serve a purpose many years ago. Rainwater from homes used to drain into the community sewer system. The water from your roof would end up at the water treatment plant. As cities grew, the cost became prohibitive. For this reason, many communities have outlawed draining roof water in the storm sewers.

Today, downspouts discharge rain water away from the house and directly onto the lawn.  At Alloy Gutter Company we occasionally get requests to seal up obsolete crocks. Alloy will cement over the opening where the downspout used to discharge; this is done at a very nominal charge. As a bonus, sealing up the crocks will bring your gutter system up to city code. Give us a call because Alloy Gutter Company can take care of ALL your gutter needs, including the crocks.

Does Alloy Gutter Company Repair Gutters?

Yes, we can repair your gutters. Alloy Gutter gets many inquiries about gutter repair work. The following is a list of most frequently asked questions:

Do I need new gutters or can the old ones be repaired?

You need to take into consideration how much repair work is needed. If it’s just a small area that needs repair and the rest of the gutter system is working well, then repair work may be the way to go. However, if there are many areas needing work then replacement of the entire system is usually best.

What is the cost difference between repairing my existing gutters and replacement gutters?

Sometimes the price difference is not as much as you may think. Patching together multiple areas of an existing gutter system can be labor intensive. For that reason Alloy Gutter often quotes new gutter systems when the cost of repairing the old ones is not much of a savings over the cost of new gutters.

What are some of the advantages of new gutters versus repairing old gutters?

One of the biggest advantages of putting on new gutters can be summed up in one word “WARRANTY.” Our crews will do their best to repair your existing gutters. However, we are unable to guarantee repair work done on old gutters. Of course, Alloy Gutter’s new gutters do come with a warranty.

Many people don’t want to replace their gutters when they are thinking of selling their house. But with most home buyers getting professional home inspections the condition of the gutter system will be noted. An older gutter system that has been cobbled together is not nearly as appealing to a buyer as a new gutter system.

Alloy Gutter Company is able to provide you with a quote for both repair and replacement of gutters.

Give Alloy a call at (734) 374-2100 or contact us, and we will be ready to discuss your options. Whatever way you decide to go, Alloy Gutter is here to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Alloy Gutter Is Open In The Winter!

Many callers seem surprised when they are told that we are open all year long. However, we are here to take care of all your gutter needs throughout the winter. We are able to install gutters and leaf protection and we can take care of any needed repair work.  When the temperatures are above freezing we can clean gutters.

Frequently we hear from callers who are concerned about icicles forming on their gutters. Many assume that the gutters are the cause of the problem.  However, our website has an excellent article explaining how icicles and ice dams form. In most cases, it’s best to wait for a winter thaw and the problem will resolve itself.

Give us a call during the cold weather months. We can help you get an early start on your spring to do list. Even when the snow flies, Alloy Gutter is here to serve you.

Gutter Cleaning: Don’t Put Me Up on the Roof Anymore

122405691That is not the title of a country western song. These are the words of my daughter who used to be my gutter cleaner.  But allow me to start at the beginning of the story.

I live in a neighborhood with lots of trees…BIG Sycamore trees. Never plant a Sycamore tree.  They are dirty trees that drop their huge leaves constantly. Because of this, my gutters needed cleaning every 2 weeks, I am NOT exaggerating!

Cleaning gutters involves climbing a ladder and I don’t do ladders.  However, my daughter has no fear of heights and actually likes climbing up on the roof.  Together we would drag out the ladder, she would climb up on the roof and I would help her navigate the garden hose. She would be up on the rooftop, waving hello to our neighbors. I would have both my feet firmly planted on the ground. But I was a very nervous mom watching from below.

However, a few years ago I lost my gutter girl; she got married and moved on to clean out her own gutters. I had no choice but to pay to have my gutters cleaned. This was going to get very expensive because of my constantly shedding tree. At that time, I decided to do some research on leaf protection products for my gutters. I found out that several of Alloy’s employees have the strainer style of leaf protection on their own gutters and they highly recommended it.

Three years ago I had strainer leaf protection installed on my gutters and they have remained debris free ever since. How do I know this?  My gutter girl wanted to make one last trip up on the roof for old time’s sake. She climbed back up and took a good look at the gutters and yelled down to me, while I watched from the ground, “mom it’s all clear up here.”  But she still laughs about how her “mama used to put her up on the roof” every two weeks.

Give Alloy Gutter Company a call and stop the never ending job of gutter cleaning. It’s one of the best home improvement projects you can do. The money spent on leaf protection has already paid for itself after only 3 years!

What’s New in the Gutter Biz?

rain chain

Have you toured any model homes lately? If you look closely you may notice a couple of new exterior items as you approach the house. Some builders now include a rain chain near the front door because it’s more aesthetically appealing than a downspout. In addition, you may spot a rain barrel on the property. Many home owners are concerned about water conservation and they realize that it’s beneficial to water plants with rainwater instead of tap water.

Alloy Gutter Company often gets calls asking if we install both rain chains and rain barrels…YES we do! There are many different styles of rain chains and rain barrels available. For this reason, we ask that you provide the materials. As long as you have these items on site we will be happy to hook them up for you as part of your gutter installation. You can also have us add them to your existing gutter system.

Alloy Gutter Company can take care of any of your gutter needs including minor repairs, complete gutter installations and adding the extras like rain chains and rain barrels…make us your first call to install it all!

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