Leaf Protection


Helmet Style

  1. Guaranteed for Life!
  2. 4-ft panels are easy to replace in case one or more is damaged by an external force
  3. Offers a custom fit
  4. Aluminum end caps and miters enclose the system to ensure debris and animals stay out


Strainer Style

  1. No maintenance necessary
  2. Stays in place – resistant to rain, snow, wind – and pests
  3. Fits securely in new or existing 5″ or 6″ gutter
  4. No need to lift shingles – leaving your roof and its’ warranty in tact
  5. Keeps leaves, twigs, branches out

Strainer Brochure


Shelter Style

  1. Prevents clogged gutters which can damage basements, foundations, and landscaping
  2. Does not require replacement of gutters, can be installed over existing 5″ or 6″ gutters
  3. Handles the heaviest rains
  4. Ultra Low Profile is barely visible from the ground
  5. Adds years to existing gutter systems

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Why Protect Your Gutters and Your Home?

  1. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the house, leading to wall and ceiling damage.
  2. Landscaping can be ruined by overflowing water.
  3. Excessive water around the foundation of a home may eventually cause cracks around the foundation walls.
  4. The wood fascia around the house can rot by water backing up from the clogged gutters.
  5. Standing water in your gutter attracts insects.
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