Honey Harvest

Beekeeping is caring and raising bees for their various products. Artificial beehives that the man provides the bees are very varied and have evolved over time. The more rustic were simple hollowed or wicker baskets; Today, they use different types of boxes, which are much more practical and easy to handle.

The beekeeper knows the best time to harvest the honey and how much can extract without harming the bees.  Strip honeycombs that contains the mature honey and puts them in a centrifugal machine, which extracts the honey without breaking the honeycombs and can be used again.

Before bottling it, filter it so that it is free of wax remains. An apiary with two to ten beehives in the backyard, farm or ranch as a hobby will produce as a final prize delicious honey.

The ways to explore beekeeping, can be classified in various stages in accordance with their economic characteristics.

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  • Goldenrod– whenever it makes its appearance– means that honey harvest needs to start in very short order
  • It’s just not a job that can be done without a little stickiness.
  • Interestingly, the honey I’ve extracted this year is entirely different from the honey I extracted last year.

“As for the honey, the process of extracting and packaging honey was significantly easier this year because I actually know what I’m doing. I sprung for a stainless-steel 4-frame extractor this year, which is light years beyond the plastic bucket I used last year.”

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